Transform your community with utility and electrical box wraps!


Wrapping utility / electrical boxes can greatly improve the appearance of the intersections and light rail stations and the overall surrounding area. 

Attractive areas

Utility boxes and communication boxes are often functional, but not necessarily attractive, and they can stand out in an otherwise attractive environment. Wrapping them in vinyl or other materials can help to blend them in with their surroundings and make the area look more cohesive and attractive.

In addition to improving the appearance of the area, many communities choose to use these wraps as a way to display local art, promote local events, or showcase the work of local artists and organizations. This can help to raise awareness of these businesses and organizations and bring more foot traffic to the area.

Vibrant communities

Wrapping utility boxes and communication boxes can also serve as a form of public art and can help to make the area more vibrant and interesting. Many communities have found that by wrapping these boxes with colorful, eye-catching designs, they are able to create a more welcoming and engaging environment for residents and visitors alike. This can be especially beneficial for communities that are looking to attract tourists or to create a sense of place and pride among residents.

To wrap things up, no pun intended, wrapping utility boxes and communication boxes at light rail stations or busy street intersections can have a number of benefits for the surrounding communities. It can improve the appearance of the area, promote local businesses and organizations, serve as a form of public art, and be a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of the light rail stations. These wraps can be an attractive and practical solution for any community looking to enhance the appearance and vibrancy of their light rail stations.

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